Lookback: Top Destinations KrisFlyer Members Travelled To

As we welcome the new year, we wanted to take stock of the past 365 days and look back at how travel patterns have emerged over the past year. Here are 5 popular destinations that KrisFlyer members travelled to in 2022! 

1. Sydney, Australia

Credits: walkingdesaster_

Australia’s an extremely popular destination and one of the hottest cities to visit is Sydney. There’s plenty to see and do in this city that’s located on the eastern coast of the country – but you can’t miss visiting the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. The latter is one of the most distinctive buildings in the world, so take some time to appreciate the architectural masterpiece. Or consider taking the visit up a notch – book a cruise and see the harbour from the water, before grabbing a good brunch at one of the many cafes in the area.

2. Bangkok, Thailand

Credits: juas.adventures

This hotspot is one that many have visited at least once – some even make it a point to visit this city yearly, and perhaps even multiple times every year. It’s a haven for shopaholics and foodies, but besides the malls and restaurants, there are also a myriad of historic sites in Bangkok that have drawn visitors from all over the world. Most of the famous landmarks are located along the banks of the Chao Phraya River, and riverboats are how you can hop between them. If you’ve only time for one, make it a point to visit Wat Arun for its magnificent Khmer-style spire. 

3. Kuala Lumpur

Many also made multiple trips to Malaysia – specifically, Kuala Lumpur, its capital, which is home to the 451m-tall Petronas Twin Towers – a pair of glass-and-steel-clad skyscrapers that’s better known as the tallest twin towers in the world. You’ll also find British colonial-era landmarks such as the Kuala Lumpur Railway Station, and delectable local eats like banana leaf rice, fish head soup, and more!

4. Jakarta, Indonesia

Credits: desym

Many consider this city as a destination that’s primarily for business travel, but things have changed, and the capital of Indonesia has also proven to be a good choice for leisure travellers who are seeking a short weekend getaway – especially those who love cafe hopping. A myriad of aesthetic cafes have sprung up over the last couple of years, and a good one to consider is Harbour Market 88, which offers laidback Mediterranean vibes for you to relax in while you enjoy a freshly-brewed cup of coffee and some warm bakes.  

5. London, The United Kingdom

Credits: evacsantos

London is without a doubt, one of the top European cities by visitor traffic numbers, and it’s not hard to see why. This is a place where modernity meets old-world charm; where you’ll find delicious cuisines, endless shopping options, and world-famous iconic sights: Big Ben, the London Eye, and Hyde Park are some of the many attractions in this sprawling metropolis in southern United Kingdom. Tired of bustling city life? Take a day trip to nearby regions like Bath or Stonehenge. It’s little wonder why many have chosen to visit London – here, there are sights that will interest every sort of traveller!

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3D2N Exploring Kyoto With KrisFlyer

In the last part of their adventure, they visited various attractions and feasted their way through Kyoto. 

Their 3D2N itinerary has been replicated here, so have a read if you’re looking for some ideas on what to do in the cultural capital of Japan, and don’t forget to check out some of the highlights of the trip in a special video at the end of this guide!

Day 1: Take in a side of Kyoto that not many have seen

Mention Kyoto, and most people immediately think of the many shrines, temples, and castles found in this city that retain so many elements from the past. But not many people know there’s another side of Kyoto, which sits by the sea.

Ine is a traditional fishing village located on the northernmost tip of Kyoto Prefecture. Make your way there and spend the morning taking in the slower-paced lifestyle of the locals.

The town is best known for its funaya, or boat houses that line the bay; so take a stroll and check out the many wooden structures that have now been repurposed into guest houses and restaurants.

If the idea of feasting on seafood in a funaya appeals to you, a great place to dine at is Wadatsumi Sushi, which serves up freshly caught local fishes such as yellowtail.

In certain seasons, you’ll also find oysters and crabs on the menu, but whenever you visit, you can look forward to a decadent spread of dishes – served with appetisers, pickles, soup, dessert – set against a panoramic backdrop of the Ine Bay.

Finished exploring Ine on foot, and would like to take in a different perspective of the village? A good post-lunch activity would be a leisurely boat ride. Hop on one of the sightseeing boats for a half an hour tour and see what is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful villages in Japan from the water. 

This is also where you can watch the large seabirds fly alongside your boat, and if you’re feeling up to it, hold up a piece of cracker, and watch as the large winged creatures swoop by to pick it straight out of your hand!

While Ine is a tiny fishing village, there are a few funaya ryokans where visitors can overnight in. The other option is to head to Amanaohashidate, which is a nearby town with more accommodation options, including a glamping site!

Day 2: Experience Japanese tradition and visit districts that ooze old-world charm

Amanohashidate is rated as one of the top-three most beautiful sites in Japan, and one cannot visit this part of Kyoto without heading up to one of the two observatory decks on the top of a mountain, to enjoy the views of Miyazu Bay, and the Amanohashidate Sandbar. This three kilometre long, pine-covered sandbar aka “bridge over heaven” acts as a natural bridge between both sides of Miyazu Bay. 

By mid-morning, hop onto the Kyoto Tango Railway, a train with a beautiful wooden interior that’s run by a private railway operator. Used primarily as a sightseeing train, it’s also an alternate mode of transport for visitors to get from Ine to central Kyoto in about 2 hours.

Once you’ve arrived in the city of Kyoto, head to your hotel and check-in. For a luxe stay, choose Hotel The Mitsui Kyoto, which is situated right opposite the Nijo Castle; opt for a room with a view of this 17th century castle if you’d like to have a view of this UNESCO World-Heritage site that used to be the home of the samurais, or warlords, who controlled the nation for centuries. The property also has a stunning seasonally-blooming courtyard garden with a pond, as well as a private onsen (which has its own Japanese garden) that’s exclusive to hotel guests.

Hotel The Mitsui Kyoto also offers its guests the experience of a traditional Japanese tea ceremony – complete with a tea master and his wiped bowl, a scoop of matcha, and a rhythmic bamboo whisk. 

You’ll be presented with a piping hot bowl of matcha – the perfect welcome to this city that’s just so quintessentially Japan in every way.

If you’re up for another experience that you won’t find elsewhere in the world, why not consider dressing up in a kimono for a few hours, as you wander the historic streets of this city steeped in history? A good place to rent your kimono is at Yumeyakata, which has various types of kimonos – from those meant for everyday wear, to those meant for special occasions – for both males and females. There are endless designs to choose from here, and you can even sign up to have your photos taken by a professional photographer, in a traditional Japanese house.

Or stroll down the streets of the Higashiyama Ward. It’s an area of the city which has preserved the vibes of feudal-era Japan; think of narrow lanes flanked with wooden buildings that are home to tea houses, restaurants, specialty shops, pottery stores, and even art galleries. You’ll also chance upon centuries-old sites, such as the grand Kiyomizudera, which is a Buddhist temple that’s built on the foothills of Mount Otowa.

Given its location on the hillside, it’s a great place for some peace and quiet, and amazing views that overlook the city, so plan to spend some time here before heading back down.

The whole district is full of Instagram-worthy spots, so factor in some time to stop for photos, like this one with the Yasaka Pagoda, which is Kyoto’s oldest pagoda.

If you’re still up for even more walking and sightseeing, a good neighbourhood to head to is Gion, which is famous for being Kyoto’s geisha district. As you wander through the many lanes, you may spot geishas and maikos who are on their way to their next appointment at one of the many ochayas, or teahouses in the neighbourhood.

End the long day at Pontocho Alley. It’s a narrow, lantern-lit alley that’s one of the most atmospheric dining areas in the city, so stop by for some yakiniku (grilled Japanese beef) or kaiseki (traditional multi-course dinner), before ending the night with a drink or two at one of the small bars that the locals frequent.

Day 3: Visit a world-famous bamboo grove and fill your stomach with delightful street food

On your final day in Japan, rise early and get to Arashiyama Bamboo Forest before the rest of the day trippers do. It’s extremely peaceful early in the morning, so take your time to admire the emerald green stalks that tower high above you.

Legs feeling very weary from all the walking that you’ve done? Opt for a ride on a rickshaw instead. 

Rickshaw riders can be found all around the town of Arashiyama, and each rickshaw can take up to 2 passengers on a slow, peaceful ride through the bamboo grove – this might just be one of the biggest highlights of your trip!

End your stay in Kyoto with a visit to the Nishiki Market, where you’ll find more than a hundred shops selling all manner of fresh produce as well as cooked food. There’re also tons of street snacks ranging from more popular ones like mochi (rice cakes), to unique offerings like tako tamago (baby octopi with quail eggs). 

This is also the place to be if you’re looking to buy Japanese delights for family and friends back home. Consider purchasing tsukemono (pickled vegetables), furikake (rice toppings), or even wagashi (Japanese sweets). They’re all extremely traditional and will make a good complement to the rest of the snacks you’ve picked up in Tokyo and Osaka! Shop to your heart’s content before heading to the airport for your flight home.



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2D1N Exploring Osaka With KrisFlyer

In the second part of their adventure, they visited various attractions and feasted their way through Osaka.

Their 2D1N itinerary has been replicated here, so have a read if you’re looking for some ideas on what to do in the kitchen of Japan, and don’t forget to check out some of the highlights of the trip in a special video at the end of this guide!

Day 1: Spend many happy hours at Universal Studios Osaka

Aim to get to Osaka as early as you can and store your luggage at one of the many luggage lockers around this city. Once that’s all sorted, head straight to Universal Studios Japan for a day of fun. 

This park might have opened in 2001, but there have been plenty of new additions to the stellar line up of rides and attractions here. 

If you’re a big fan of Mario, Luigi, or even Yoshi, you’ll not want to miss out on a visit Super Nintendo World – a Nintendo-themed land which is home to shops, restaurants, and the first interactive Mario Kart ride around the world. But you’ll need a timed ticket in order to enter this zone, so snap up your reservations for this as soon as you can, before you explore the rest of the park!

Potterheads should find some time to visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, which is magical both in the day and at night. Spend some time wandering through Hogsmeade Village and visit the shops and restaurants in this land – some notable mentions are Ollivanders, which sells wands, and Three Broomsticks, for a cup of frozen butterbeer.

Don’t forget to go on the rides; younger travellers will love the Flight of the Hippogriff, a junior roller coaster, and those who are up for something more thrilling will enjoy Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, a motion-based ride that takes riders through scenes from the Harry Potter series.

In any case, those who would rather not go on rides can also choose to explore the whole land which is full of photo opportunities!When it’s finally time for you to enter Super Nintendo World, head in and prioritise Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge. This ride utilises state-of-the-art technology to create a ride that’s both interactive and immersive. You’ll find yourself transported to the world of Mario and Luigi, and you’ll have the chance to race alongside them while firing shells at various characters to accumulate points.


You’ll also be spoilt for choice with the extensive selection of merchandise here. Pick up a plushie or two, and even some apparel so that you can dress up as your favourite Super Mario characters for the day!

When you’ve had your fill of fun at Universal Studios Japan, head to your hotel. If you’re contemplating where’s a good place to stay, pick between OMO7, which is a family-friendly contemporary hotel that’s full of the vibrant spirit that Osaka’s best known for, and W Osaka, which sits in the fun-filled heart of Shinsaibashi. Check-in to your hotel of choice and have a short break before heading out for a sumptuous dinner.

Head to Tajimaya Umeda for an interesting dining experience. Part of a well-known chain, Tajimaya is well worth a visit – for its exclusivity and premium ambience. Not only does  the restaurant not have a sign, the entrance is also just a nondescript door that opens to a walkway, where one needs to enter a PIN for another door to open. Once settled in your private dining room, feast to your heart’s content with yakiniku kaiseki courses, featuring top quality Japanese meat and produce.

Finally, wind down for the night.

Day 2: Explore the city’s hotspots and savour some of the best food in the region

There’re lots to see and do in Osaka, so don’t sleep in too late. 

Not sure where to start? A good choice in Shinsekai, a district that was originally designed and modelled after Paris and New York. Shinsekai, which also means “New World, is a nice place for a stroll; you’ll find a densely concentrated collection of local eateries, bars, restaurants, and retail stores, selling nostalgia above everything else. 

This neighbourhood is also home to an eye-catching pièce de resistance: the 75-meter tall Tsutenkaku Tower that towers above all the low-rise buildings in the vicinity. Head up the tower for bird’s-eye views of the city, or admire it from ground level.

Looking for a nice sit-down meal? Give OMO Dining at OMO7 a try. This restaurant serves up plates of Japanese and French fusion cuisine, and is a good place for a nice, relaxing meal. But if you’d rather be out and about enjoying the sights, sounds, and best parts of Osaka’s street food scene, a good place to be is at Dotonburi.

Although it is one of the most touristy places in the city, it is no doubt a fascinating place to visit. Be prepared to be inundated with a barrage of neon lights and signages, as well as the iconic giant Glico Man, which might just be Osaka’s most well-known landmark.

Snap a photo with it while you’re standing on the bridge in front, then continue walking around the area to feast to your heart’s content. 

Some of the best street food in this area include takoyaki (octopus balls), okonomiyaki (savoury pancakes), and kushikatsu (deep-fried skewered meat and vegetables). But don’t miss out trying the various offerings at Kani Douraku, which specialises in various types of crab dishes, from grilled crab legs to crab hot pots. You can’t miss this restaurant – look out for its giant moving crab sign and long lines that are a testament to the delectable offerings here.

Once you’ve had enough to eat, take a short walk to Shinsaibashi, which lies slightly north of Dotonbori. Shop till you drop at this mile-long shopping arcade, which is home to giant department stores, familiar street brands, and small independent boutiques, before heading back to your hotel to retire for the night.



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2D1N Exploring Tokyo With KrisFlyer

In the first part of their adventure, they visited various attractions and feasted their way through Tokyo. 

Their 2D1N itinerary has been replicated here, so have a read if you’re looking for some ideas on what to do in the bustling capital city of Japan, and don’t forget to check out some of the highlights of the trip in a special video at the end of this guide!


Day 1: Land in Tokyo and enjoy the best of the city’s highlights

Arrive bright and early in the morning and make your way to your hotel to drop off your luggage before a full day of exploration in this sprawling metropolis. Tokyo’s full of interesting precincts, but if your priority is to take in the iconic Tokyo Tower at various times of the day, then stay at the newly-opened Tokyo Toranomon EDITION, which is conveniently located near three subway stations.

As the Tokyoites start their day, head to Shibuya, which is famed for what must be the world’s most famous and busiest intersection: the Shibuya Crossing. Watch as the crowds scramble whenever the lights turn in their favour. During busy times, up to 3,000 people cross at a time! Then head over to the famous Hachiko Statue, which honours the most loyal dog in Japan.

A short walk away is Miyashita Park, where there is something for everyone – high-end shopping for the fashionistas, volleyball courts for those who love sports, rooftop green spaces for chilling out, and of course, tons of dining options for the foodies. This space comes alive at night thanks to Shibuya Yokocho – a cluster of izakayas offering cuisine from all over Japan.

For even more options, take a train to Ginza, which is another of Tokyo’s famous neighbourhoods. Looking for something quirky and interesting? Give Art Aquarium Ginza a shot. 

The idea behind this space is “a museum where life resides”, and true to its concept you’ll find thousands of rare and common goldfish swimming in glass vessels of all shapes and sizes, which are illuminated with moving projections and multi-coloured lights.

If you’re into desserts, grab a pre-lunch sweet treat. Parfaits are ubiquitous here, so you’ll be spoilt for choice! Then make your way to Hanayama Udon for lunch. As its name suggests, its signature offering here is udon – but it’s not your typical udon. 

Instead, its specialty is extra-wide noodles, which are served in a variety of methods. If you’re unsure what to go with, try the zaru dipping style with soy sauce and sesame dips, for a satisfying lunch!

Take things slow post-lunch, and head back to your hotel for a rest. If you’ve booked yourself a stay at the Kengo Kuma-designed Tokyo Toranomon EDITION, aim to score a room with a view of the Tokyo Tower.

This might not be Tokyo’s highest tower, but it is city’s most recognisable landmark. 

When the sun sets, head upstairs to the 31st floor of the hotel, and step into The Blue Room, which serves a myriad of international classics including local fish and grilled meats. The real treat here, apart from the delectable offers on the menu, is the view. Being this high in the sky affords all guests panoramic views of the city’s skyline including Tokyo Bay and the Tokyo Tower, which is stunning at night.

Take some time to savour the food, and don’t forget to delight in a glass of wine. Having trouble picking one from the extensive list consisting of wines from 16 countries across the world? Ask one of the servers, who will be happy to recommend you one that will suit your liking, whether that’s a local wine, one from an emerging producer, or a bottle from a world-renowned vineyard.

Enjoy the spectacular views from the restaurant and your room, before heading to bed for the night.


Day 2: Head to the outskirts for some fresh air, and take in some of the best experiences only found in Japan

As the sun rises, leave your cosy hotel room and head to the train station for a two-hour ride out of Tokyo. Alternatively, hire a private driver – the commute cuts the journey to 90 minutes. Whichever you choose, this morning ride takes you Mount Takao, which is a 599-metre tall mountain that offers eight hiking trails. Choose one that brings you to the summit, where views as far as the eye can see will greet you.

Take some time to breathe in the fresh mountain air and take in the views which differ greatly from those of the large Japanese cities, before you start your descent down.

Make your way back to Tokyo, and if you’re up to try new experiences that can’t be found anywhere outside of Japan, make a beeline for Ninja Cafe. Suit up in a Ninja outfit and learn the ancient ways of the Japanese Ninjas.

Things that you’ll get to learn here include the various ways of using a Katana (Japanese sword) as well as a Shruriken (throwing blade).

It’s a lot of physical activity on your second day in Japan, so if you’d like to take things slower and do something a little more touristy, a popular option would be to head to Asakusa, both for the centuries-old Sensoji Temple as well as the Nakamise Shopping Street where you’ll be glad to find all sorts of trinkets and souvenirs as well as delightful Japanese snacks like mochi and taiyaki!

If you’ll prefer to ingest something more substantial, make your way back to Shibuya Yokocho. Located on the ground floor of Miyashita Park, it is a group of 19 restaurants that serve up all manner of culinary delights from all over the country – this means you’ll have options for ramen, yakitori, gyoza, and more! Casual is the name of the game here, and you can be sure you’ll be dining among the locals, for an authentic dining experience.

Otherwise, head to Standing Sushi Bar for your chance to savour fresh sushi… all while standing!

Before calling it a day, head over to the nearby Shibuya Sky, which is located on the top floor of the Shibuya Scramble Square. 

For an Insta-worthy photo opportunity, head to the Sky Edge, a corner where you’ll be able to look down without any obstruction. Wherever you find yourself on this observation deck, you’ll be treated to a 360° view of the cityscape. Pro-tip: Visit at night so you’ll be treated to spectacular vistas of bright city lights in every direction, and stay as long as you wish before heading back to your hotel to retire for the night.



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5 Must-Visit Theme Parks In 2023

But not all are made equal – some are really for adrenaline junkies, some are peaceful and serene, while others are best for transporting yourself to a land unlike anything you’ve experienced.

If you’re planning for a vacation with a theme park visit in mind, have a look at this list of top parks to visit all around the world. Share this with your adventure-loving friends and family and kickstart a conversation about your next trip together!

1. Universal’s Islands of Adventure

Credits: charlotte_inwonderland

Transport yourself to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal’s Islands of Adventure in central Florida. Visit the towering Hogwarts Castle and hop on the enchanting Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride, where you’ll go on an adventure with your favourite characters from the Potter series – including Harry, Hermione, and Ron. If you’re looking for something more serene, walk around Hogsmeade Village, purchase a wand from Ollivanders, and delight in a cup of frozen Butterbeer. If you’re here in the evening, don’t miss out on The Nighttime Lights, a stunning visual projection on the majestic backdrop of the castle – it’s a perfect end to the end of the day for true blue Potterheads. 

2. Lotte World

Credits: sophieeleung

In the midst of getting your fix of K-culture, and would like a day of thrills? Lotte World, which sits in the heart of Seoul is a great option. If you’re visiting when it’s cold outside, you may choose to spend more time in the indoor Lotte World Adventure, which spans four floors of rides and attractions. It’s also the world’s largest indoor theme park! On a sunny day, the outdoor lakeside Magic Island is your best bet. Besides going on the various attractions, set aside some time to check out some of their other highlights, which include an ice rink as well as a Korean folk museum.

3. Tivoli Gardens

Credits: copenhagencitylife

You’d be hard-pressed to find a theme park that’s as peaceful and serene as Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen. Like its name suggests, it is first and foremost a beautifully manicured garden, with musicals, ballet performances, games, and rides peppered throughout. The wide mix of attractions and activities here makes it a park that appeals to the young and old alike. For a classic experience, hop on board the Swing Carousel and feel the rush of the wind on your face as you soar through the air. Fun fact about this park: it was built in 1843, which makes it the third-oldest operating amusement park in the world!


4. Six Flags Magic Mountain

Credits: lucasbedoni

If your idea of a theme park paradise is a huge space filled with mega rollercoasters of every imaginable sort, then Six Flags Magic Mountain is the place to head to. Situated in sunny California, the park is home to 20 world-class coasters that feature inversions, loops, and steep drops – some go backwards and some are floorless, while there are those that require riders to stand or “fly” in prone position throughout the ride, others that incorporate VR technology, and even one where you’ll be harnessed in seats that move on a separate axis from the track! It’s a lot to take in, but it’s not nicknamed as the thrill capital of the world for no reason. Head here only if you’re a daredevil ready to take on plenty of heart-stopping moments.

5. Tokyo DisneySea

Credits: re_na723

Disney fans all over the world – this one’s for you. If there’s a signature park that you’ll want to prioritise this year, it’s Tokyo DisneySea. It’s the only Disney park in the world that’s nautical-themed and inspired by tales and legends from the ocean, and where Duffy and friends call this space their home. A huge reason to plan a visit in 2023: Fantasy Springs, a new land, dedicated to the worlds of Frozen, Tangled, and Peter Pan’s Neverland is opening. Guests who step into this land will find four attractions, multiple new shops and restaurants, as well as a new luxury hotel. Have young ones who love Anna, Elsa, and Olaf? Take them here for a trip they’ll remember forever.



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4D3N Discovering Melbourne With KrisFlyer

In the second part of their trip, they visited various attractions and feasted their way through Melbourne. 

Their 4D3N itinerary has been replicated here, so skim through this if you’re looking for some ideas on what to do in the capital of Victoria, and don’t forget to check out some of the highlights of the trip in a special video at the end of this guide!


Day 1: Arrive in Melbourne and enjoy a guided safari experience

Land in Melbourne and hit the ground running with a trip to the Werribee Open Range Zoo: 225 hectares of wide, open savannah with free roaming animals, just 30 minutes away from the city. If there’s one thing you must do while you’re here, it’s the guided safari tour. 

Hop onto one of the buses that will transport you through the open plains as you learn about some of the world’s most endangered species. 

While you traverse the wide landscapes, you’ll also travel alongside wandering camels, bisons, antelopes, zebras, rhinos, giraffe, and more!

If you’d like to explore this space at your own pace, you can go on one of the two trails here – the African River Trail features African animals like gorillas, lion, cheetahs, meerkats, and more, while the Australian Trail features beloved native animals such as koalas and kangaroo.

When in need of some grub, head to Farmer’s Daughters, which is a three-in-one (or deli, rooftop bar, and restaurant) concept. Book yourself a table at the restaurant that features a firm food philosophy, and puts out a menu featuring fresh seasonal produce that takes diners on a trip across Victoria, featuring highlights sourced from the coast to the mountains. This is casual, farm-to-table dining at its finest, and it doesn’t hurt that the exclusive beverage list focuses on some of the best Gippsland wines and spirits that can be found.

If you’re exhausted after a long day, head to your choice of accommodation for the next few nights. Unsure where’s a good place to stay at? Check out The InterContinental Melbourne. 

This five-star property is situated on Collins Street, which is right in the middle of downtown Melbourne. It’s a stone’s throw away from a wide range of restaurants and shops, which means that you’ll have easy access to anything you might need on your first night here!


Day 2: Indulge in a day of luxurious, relaxing, and refreshing experiences

Start your second day early. Head to the Cunningham Pier, an iconic and picturesque boardwalk that dates back to the 1850’s. Nowadays, it’s not used commercially, but it plays host to a waterside eatery where you’ll be able to grab a simple breakfast.

A light breakfast is essential if you’re heading to The Q Train, which is an award-winning restaurant, housed in a train that travels along the historic Bellarine Railway, between Drysdale and Queenscliff. 

Once the train departs, you’ll enjoy unique views as you go on a multi-course degustation experience. 

Every plate that you tuck into is made of local produce, and each item is cooked and prepared on board the train – what makes it even more special is that diners are welcome to visit the kitchen carriage! The Q Train offers a unique gastronomical journey unlike any other, and when the three-hour ride ends, you’ll find yourself at the tip of the Bellarine Peninsula, near the coast of the Bass Strait.

It’s a long way from downtown Melbourne, so take this chance to enjoy regional Victoria on a day trip, and cross over to the Mornington Peninsula, which is home to other luxurious experiences. 

Hop onto a ferry for a short 40-minute journey and make your way to Peninsula Hot Springs. This luxurious geothermal springs and day spa facility is where you’ll get to choose from more than 70 baths and wellness experiences. It’s tough to make a choice, so hop between the caves, saunas, and pools.

If you’re here in the evening, stake out a coveted space in the Hilltop Pool, which overlooks the natural hilly landscape of the region – it’s a great spot to watch the sun set!

At night, head back to downtown Melbourne, and if you’re in need of a sweet treat, swing by Piccolina Gelateria at Hardware Lane, for scoops of 100% natural gelato that’s churned daily. Indulge in classic Italian flavours like Straciatella or Pistachio, or give one of their signature creations a try!


Day 3: See the best of Melbourne on a bicycle, boat, and from one of the city’s highest vantage points

On your last full day in Melbourne, make it a point to indulge and experience as many of the sights and sounds in this city. 

Go on a cycling tour that takes you to some of the best parts of town, including, but not limited to the famous Hosier Lane and AC/DC lane, where you’ll see street art of all kinds! 

If you’ve worked up an appetite from all the exercise, you can refuel with food at Queen Victoria Market, where you’ll find a doughnut truck serving up piping hot jam doughnuts that shouldn’t be missed, especially if you’ve a sweet tooth. 

For even more variety, head to South Melbourne Market, and be wowed by the many options available at this huge space. Croissants, pies, burgers, sushi, and gelato are part of the game here, but the queues are always long for the Oyster Bar, which serves up seafood of every imaginable kind. 

Needless to say, this is the place to be if you’d love to feast on fresh fish, crustaceans, and more.

Once you’re feeling satiated, head over to Melbourne Skydeck, which affords visitors spectacular floor-to-ceiling views from 285m above ground. You’ll be able to admire the city’s breath-taking skyline and even spot some famous landmarks like Flinders Street Station.

If you’d prefer being in the great outdoors, then GoBoat Melbourne is something you can consider, especially if you’ve always dreamed of captaining your own boat. You’ll get the chance to do so here, with no prior experience or boat license required. 

Find yourself (and up to 7 other people) in an electric picnic boat, cruising up and down the Yarra River while wining and dining. It’s BYO food and drinks here – so feel free to bring whatever you’d love to feast on!

As you wind down for the day, make it a point to visit Federation Square, a modern piazza that has become the city centre’s public square, where world-class art galleries and exhibitions can be found. This area also offers a wide variety of dinner options – hop into one of the many cafes and you might just be pleasantly surprised by what you find. 


Day 4: Savour a cup of coffee in a city that’s famed for its specialty beans and roasters

You can’t say that you’ve visited Melbourne if you haven’t had a chance to sip on a cup of brew from a local coffee shop. The city is full of famous roasters and each have their own following, but if you don’t want to venture too far from downtown Melbourne, Industry Beans on Little Collins Street might be the place to be. 

Once you step into this concept café, you can’t miss their Modbar, where you’ll be able to see the entire process of how a cup of coffee is prepared. Order a Seasonal Espresso blend if you’re in need of more caffeine, or delight in a signature Coffee Bubble Cup if you love coffee and bubbles (from bubble tea)! 

Order a selection of pastries and house-baked treats and slowly savour your breakfast in this city, before heading to the airport for your flight home.


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3D2N Discovering Gold Coast With KrisFlyer

In the first part of their trip, they visited various attractions and feasted their way through Gold Coast. Their 3D2N itinerary has been replicated here, so skim through this if you’re looking for some ideas on what to do in this coastal city in Queensland, and don’t forget to check out some of the highlights of the trip in a special video at the end of this guide!


Day 1: Arrive in Gold Coast and visit one of the city’s most famous theme parks

Upon arrival in Queensland, head to your accommodation. A good one to consider is Meriton Suites Surfers Paradise, which is a five-star hotel that sits right on the coast. That means you’ll wake up to a stunning view of crashing waves and spectacular sunrises if you choose one of the studio, one-, two-, three-bedroom suites, or an exclusive luxury Penthouse Collection suites that faces the Pacific Ocean. Have a short rest in your cozy room, before kickstarting your vacation proper!

Gold Coast is known as theme park central; here, there are so many to choose from. A popular choice is Warner Bros. Movie World, which is a short 20-minute drive away from Meriton Suites Surfers Paradise. 

At this theme park, you’ll find tours, shows, parades, family rides, and adventure rides. If you’d like something exhilarating, the Green Lantern Coaster is a must-try. This steel thrill is known for its beyond-vertical drop, which is one of the steepest in the world. If you are a fan of DC Super Heroes like Batman and Superman, Looney Tunes characters including the likes of  Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, or even Scooby-Doo, have your camera on standby and keep an eye out for them as they can be found roaming all over the park! 

Worked up an appetite after hours of theme park action? Make your way to Gods Of The Sea, which is a restaurant that serves up delectable surf and turf dishes. Have a quick scan through the menu and you’ll realise that every offering features sustainably caught seafood and Australian ingredients. The dishes and drinks here are sure to delight, but what elevates the meal are the expansive views of the Gold Coast Broadwater from every single table. Feast on the food and views, and head back to the hotel to wind down after dinner.


Day 2: Head out for a day of adrenaline rushes, good food and fabulous beaches

Rise and shine, and fuel up with a good breakfast at Bambam Bakehouse on Mermaid Beach. Brunch foods, sweet treats, and fresh bakes like buttery croissants and flaky pastries await all who enter this space. It goes without saying that you’ll also be able to enjoy a good cup of coffee (or tea) here.

Once you’re done with your first meal of the day, head to iFLY Gold Coast and have a taste of indoor skydiving! 

Then head over to Paradise Jet Boating and hop into one of their crafts to see the coastline of this city from the water. Besides the scenic sightseeing that you’re expecting, your captain will also execute some thrilling stunts, so you’ll get to experience high-speed drifting, 360 degrees spins, as well as other exciting manoeuvres that will leave you screaming and gasping.

In the evening, enjoy a meal at Edgewater Dining & Lounge Bar where you’ll be treated to views of Gold Coast’s iconic canals. Dig in to fusion plates, which have been inspired by modern Australian cuisine, with an added twist of traditional Italian styles. The menu is ever evolving, but whenever you’re visiting, you’re sure to find seasonal delights that will pique your interest and whet your appetite.  

Day 3: Check out one of Gold Coast’s many Instagrammable cafes

On your last day in this coastal city, take a walk on the world-famous beach – afterall, Surfer’s Paradise is literally seconds away from where you’ve been basing yourself at for the past few nights. 

Spend some time watching as the waves crash on the beach before heading to a cosy and chic café to fuel up for the day ahead.

Gold Coast is home to many of such cafes, but if there’s one that you shouldn’t miss out on, it would be Milkman’s Daughter. It’s a feel-good place that serves up delicious and wholesome vegetarian items, and many of these dishes here look extremely Instagrammable. 

If you’re looking for a plate that looks much like an edible garden, choose to indulge in the Strawberries Ricotta Toast, which features whipped ricotta, strawberries, pistachios, edible flowers, and maple syrup on a bed of organic sourdough. If you’ve a young one in tow, order a plate of Baby Bear Pancakes – and yes, these fluffy vegan pancakes come in the shape of a bear!

Take some time to soak in the relaxed vibes of this city, before heading to the airport for your flight out of Queensland.

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What To Enjoy On Your Escape To Langkawi with KrisFlyer

If you’ve not been to this archipelago off Malaysia’s northwest coast, then picture a pristine and alluring island, covered with lush rainforests, beaches, and crystal clear waters. 

Sounds good? Consider redeeming your KrisFlyer miles for this bespoke 4D3N charter trip to Langkawi – flights, land transfers, accommodation, activities, and some meals are offered in this experience that’s proudly brought to you by KrisFlyer Experiences. Enjoy!


1. Try the newest cabin products in the Singapore Airlines fleet

Credits: a.planes.portrait

If you’ve not had the opportunity to fly in one of Singapore Airlines’ B737-8s, which made its debut in late 2021, then this is your chance to do so. This plane model offers travellers the option of flying Business or Economy Class, with the former featuring a seat that reclines to a 76 inch fully flat bed – for those who’d like to enjoy a short nap on the journey there and back. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the 85-minute flight!


2. Check into one of two Marriott properties

You’ll have the chance to choose between two hotels – The Ritz-Carlton, Langkawi and The Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa. Both are situated on the southern tip of the island and have access to their own private beach along the Andaman Sea.

At The Ritz-Carlton, Langkawi, choose between the Rainforest Deluxe or the Rainforest Junior Suite if you’d like to wake up to views of the lush green centuries-old rainforest. If this is a special occasion for you and your significant other, and you’d prefer to live it up a little, choose to go with the Beach Villa. 

Credits: zolene_hee

This sophisticated beachfront accommodation comes with its own private sundeck and infinity pool facing the glistening waters of the sea. With this option, you’d likely want to spend your whole stay lounging in your plush villa!

On the other hand, if you’d prefer to stay at The Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa, you’ll have the chance to choose between the Premium Ocean View Room or the Partial Ocean View Villa. 

Credits: tommyooi88 and ceciliablack

*Image is for illustration only, and views may differ slightly.

Besides enjoying your time in your comfortable room, make time to explore the grounds of this property, such as its four outdoor pools and four dining options – this makes it an ideal choice for those travelling with young ones!

3. Enjoy indulgent meals

Credits: jaim

Decadent breakfasts are a must-have for a relaxing beach getaway on a tropical island, and on this trip, you’ll get to enjoy a large buffet spread every morning. Quench your thirst with tropical fruit juices, indulge in freshly baked pastries, load up on your favourite hot food items – eggs, cooked the way you like them done, sausages, and a variety of local delights await you. 

But that’s not all that you’ll get to feast on. When you sign up for this trip, you’ll also enjoy a welcome dinner. At The Ritz-Carlton Langkawi, it’ll be held at Horizon, a premier outdoor restaurant and bar which rests atop a rocky outcrop, where you’ll literally dine above the lapping waves of the sea, and savour a three-course set dinner. At The Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa, you’ll tuck into a local set dinner at Seasonal Tastes. Look forward to delighting in their Ayam Percik (a medley of chicken, mushrooms, and rice) – which is a signature item at the restaurant!


4. Sign up for a wide range of activities

Add some variety to your days on this tranquil island by taking part in a range of activities available. At The Ritz-Carlton Langkawi, you might want to go on an offsite tour to explore the best of what this island has to offer. Or you could choose to try your hand at batik painting! Those who love sports can sign up for a scenic sunset kayak or paddle board, and others who love to imbibe can sign up for the cocktail master class.

If you’re calling The Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa home for this trip, you’ll have access to a different suite of experiences. 

If you’re one who likes sports and fitness, you can choose to go on group runs (both at sunrise and sunset), kayaking adventures, or sunrise/sunset yoga sessions. Alternatively, show up for the batik painting session which is also offered at this property. Create something out of upcycled linen that you can take home as a souvenir, to remember the fun times you had at the Jewel of Kedah, or donate them to a charity organisation of your choice!



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Explore Singapore Through These 4 Unique Activities

Borders around the globe might have reopened, but that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing new to experience in Singapore. This little island is still full of interesting activities that cater to people of all age groups and preferences. Whether you’re a foodie, a creator, or simply one who prefers being in the great outdoors, there’s something for you!

Cycle through a different side of Singapore

Credits: kryii

A short boat ride away from mainland Singapore lies a tiny island where time seems to have stood still – the total opposite of what the rest of this ultra-modern country is like. Pulau Ubin is one of the last vestiges of kampung, or even kelong life, and till today, some of these homes still have no tap water and electricity! Once you arrive on this rustic and laid-back island, go on an unforgettable cycling adventure, and get in touch with nature at its finest: pedal through roads and tracks framed by swaying trees, and spend the day discovering secluded beaches, flourishing mangrove trails, and thriving rubber plantations.

The pick-up location for this activity is at 30 Changi Ferry Road, Singapore 499675.


Indulge in a rooftop boozy brunch featuring the best of Portugese specialities

Gastronomes, wine lovers, and those who love all things Portugal, this one’s for you. Indulge in delicious Mediterranean food and Portuguese wine at this gourmet collaboration which takes you on a journey through Portugal’s wine regions, all while you’re still in the heart of Singapore! If this sounds like a perfect weekend activity for you, gather your like-minded friends, make a reservation, and look forward to hours of boozy fun!

Proud Potato Peeler is located at 1 Cluny Road, Ginger Garden Singapore Botanic Gardens, Singapore 259569.


Spray like Banksy and experience the art of graffiti

Credits: heavenspotsg

A huge empty wall, and rows and rows of spray paint cans – that’s what you’ll find when you walk into Heaven Spot, a place where you can unleash your creativity and express exactly how you feel. Suit up in protective gear and start spraying whatever you’d like on the walls – here, you’re encouraged to go wild with your creations, so don’t hold back. If you’ve always wondered what it’s like to be Banksy, then this is the place to be!

Heaven Spot is located at 3 Lorong Bakar Batu, #03-01, Singapore 348741.


Feast on a platter of Asian delights at a private dining experience

Credits: primateve

There’s nothing quite like a private dining experience. If you’ve never been to one, it almost feels like dining at a friend’s house – with your friend being a knowledgeable chef. Instead of just savouring food, you’ll first go on a short walk to learn about edible plants, before returning to your host’s apartment to tuck into a sumptuous seafood grazing platter – some of the highlights here include locally-caught salt-crusted snappers, Sri Lankan crabs, tiger prawns and squid. Dig in to this feast while you learn all about food on the table: history, stories, preparation methods, and more!

Primateve is located at 30 Holland Close, Singapore 271030.



Ready to indulge in these unique experiences without having to leave the country? Book all these adventures (and more) on Pelago, a travel experiences platform by Singapore Airlines, where you’ll have the option of redeeming your KrisFlyer miles or paying by card.

Looking for more experiences to enjoy on this sunny island? Find more inspiration here.


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5 Must-Visit Cities In Japan

Famed for its rich culture, history, and wide range of unique experiences including onsen baths, tea ceremonies, kimono rentals, and culinary delights, there are endless activities to explore and enjoy in this country.

If you’re about to put together your ideal Japanese itinerary so that you can make your Japan comeback as soon as travel restrictions are lifted, read on for this list of Japanese cities to pencil into your itinerary. 

1. Kyoto

Credits: dr.hero89

Take a step back in time when you traverse the iconic streets of Kyoto. This city is home to a whopping 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and amongst these are ancient Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines, as well as a historic castle. It’s also the place to be if you’d like a chance to see Geishas and Maikos making their way from one appointment to another!

Besides that, don’t forget to set aside some time to explore the Higashiyama District, which sits on the lower slopes of Kyoto’s eastern mountains. Discovering this beautifully preserved neighbourhood is a whole experience in itself – rent a kimono for the day, and make your way through the narrow cobblestoned lanes that are flanked by traditional wooden buildings on either side, and pop in and out of the many traditional tea houses, restaurants, pottery shops, craft stores and more, for a glimpse of old Japan.


2. Hokkaido

Credits: ariel.land

Thinking of heading up north to see another side of this country? When you visit Hokkaido, plan to spend some time at Farm Tomita – it’s one of the city’s largest attractions that brings in over a million people from all over the world. Although this farm is best known for its endless rows of lavender hedges, the three large lavender fields here are by no means the only attraction. Blooms of different kinds are found in their other fields, and these run the gamut from hyacinths to marigolds, poppies to tulips, and more – what you’ll see depends on the season that you’re visiting in, but no matter what, you’ll get to see endless multi-coloured carpets of vibrant flowers!


3. Nagoya

Credits: brunoo.y

Nagoya’s not a city that most people have been to, but if you love all things cars, then spend some time here because this is the home of Toyota, Honda and Mitsubishi Motors. If not, plan to visit during the winter for the Nabana No Sato Winter Illuminations. This festival is where you’ll find 26,000 square metres of flower gardens, lit up with over 5.8 million LEDs, forming one of Japan’s largest spectacular outdoor lights show. The highlight of this festival is the 200m-long Tunnel Of Light, which features over 1.2 million flower-shaped light bulbs strung across the length of the tunnel. Tired of all the walking? Rejuvenate yourself at one of the open-air hot spring foot baths and spas!


4. Osaka

Credits: polkadotpassport

If you’re looking for a charming city that offers a mix of everything, Osaka is the place to be. Here, there’s an interesting mix of history, culture, nightlife, fun, and food that’s waiting to be discovered. Feeling peckish? The city’s best known for its takoyaki (octopus balls) and okonomiyaki (savoury pancakes), so visit some of the local markets and indulge in the local delights on offer. For an afternoon of history, head to the centuries-old Osaka Castle, which is surrounded by citadels, gates, turrets, moats, and a large garden with hundreds of cherry blossom trees – plan a visit during spring for a visual feast of Japan’s most famous castle towering above a sea of pink!


5. Tokyo

Credits: shinba_19

Mention Japan, and most people instantly think of Tokyo. This is the place to be for endless shopping, gastronomic adventures, and the one-of-a-kind rush-hour travel experience on their metro trains. There are many world-famous sights in this sprawling metropolis located on the east of Honshu Island: the bustling Shibuya crossing, the Sensoji Temple, and of course, the iconic Tokyo Tower. This red and white tower may not be the city’s tallest, but its observation decks offer a bird’s eye view of the city, and on a clear day, you’ll even be able to see Mount Fuji, the country’s highest peak which sits around 100km to the southwest of the capital city.



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