The Ultimate Grad Trip Hack For Tertiary Students

Why pay out of your pocket for your grad trip flight to your favourite Asian country when you could easily earn enough miles to redeem it?

Learn the ultimate hack to earn the KrisFlyer miles you’ll need so that your air tickets are covered for that special milestone trip of your life. 

With these tips, you’ll earn more than the 50,000 KrisFlyer miles that’s needed, and the flight ticket to that country of your dreams is yours to keep by the time you graduate. The best part is – you’ll be able to do this without making changes to your current spending habits!


Spend and save with the KrisFlyer UOB Debit Card and Deposit Account

Everyone knows that spending with credit cards is one of the easiest ways to earn KrisFlyer miles. It’s no secret too, that most students don’t meet the requirements to sign up for credit cards. But did you know that students can sign up for a KrisFlyer UOB Deposit Account, which comes with a KrisFlyer UOB Debit Card, that makes it extremely easy to earn miles while studying, spending and saving? With an average spend of SGD500 per month on the co-brand card, and a balance of SGD15,000 in your account, you’d have accumulated more than 30,000 KrisFlyer miles in the 3 years you’ve spent in school, while living life the way you usually do.

Pro-Tip #1: 

Sign up for the KrisFlyer UOB Debit Card and Account, and earn your first 1,000 KrisFlyer miles by charging a minimum eligible spend of SGD5 to your Debit Card

Pro-Tip #2: 

When you’re out and about on public transport, use SimplyGo with your KrisFlyer UOB Debit Card – it’s a payment method for buses and trains that earns you up to 5.4 KrisFlyer miles for every SGD1 spent. With every journey you make around Singapore, you’ll be one step closer to your flight out of Singapore!


Book a Flight

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Every flight on Singapore Airlines, Scoot, Star Alliance carriers and other partner airlines earns you KrisFlyer miles. This means that you could earn miles whenever you leave the country during your school breaks. Think about it – if you intend to travel to Europe or the United States with your mom and pop, as well as Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur with your tribe, during those years that you’re in school, your KrisFlyer membership account balance will increase by an average of 15,000 KrisFlyer miles.


Stay at Hotels

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Going on your annual family vacation or doing a school break staycation? Book your room with one of KrisFlyer’s partner hotels or online travel agents. If you earn 500 miles for every stay, and make 6 bookings while you’re studying as a tertiary school student, you’ll earn at least 3,000 KrisFlyer miles by the time you graduate!


Keep a lookout for limited-time deals on KrisFlyer’s partner promotions page, and you might just earn double or triple the miles from your hotel stay!

Rent a Car

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One of the best ways to explore a new destination is by car as you’ll get to uncover hidden gems that deepen your knowledge of the destination’s geography, history and culture. On average, if you make 4 car rental bookings while you’re in school, you’ll earn 2,000 KrisFlyer miles or more!


As with booking a hotel stay, don’t forget to look out for the curated deals on KrisFlyer’s partner promotions page when you’re looking to rent a car. You might just find a deal that lets you earn bonus miles!


Use Kris+


If you’re getting your bubble tea fix, dining out with your friends, or buying a cake for a celebration with your loved ones, don’t forget to use Kris+. With over 1,000 merchant outlets islandwide, it’s easy to earn miles with your everyday spend. By using Kris+ over the years, you’ll easily earn at least 3,000 KrisFlyer miles!


Earn double the miles when you link your KrisFlyer UOB Debit Card to Kris+ using Apple Pay or Google Pay, and make payment in-app. This way, you’ll earn miles from both Kris+ and your KrisFlyer UOB Debit Card! 



By spending and saving with the KrisFlyer UOB Debit Card and Deposit Account, booking flights, staying at hotels, renting cars during your school breaks, and using Kris+, you’d have earned yourself more than 50,000 KrisFlyer miles – that’s more than enough KrisFlyer miles to snag a seat on that flight to wherever you’d like to go in Asia (with Singapore Airlines no less!), as soon as you’ve finished your last exam.

Want to find out all the ways you could possibly earn miles? Here’s the full list of 10 ways to earn

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