2D1N Exploring Tokyo With KrisFlyer

With the announcement of Japan lifting its border measures for leisure travellers, KrisFlyer lost no time and teamed up with Japan-based content creator Cheesie to rediscover the best sights and sounds in the land of the rising sun.

In the first part of their adventure, they visited various attractions and feasted their way through Tokyo. 

Their 2D1N itinerary has been replicated here, so have a read if you’re looking for some ideas on what to do in the bustling capital city of Japan, and don’t forget to check out some of the highlights of the trip in a special video at the end of this guide!


Day 1: Land in Tokyo and enjoy the best of the city’s highlights

Arrive bright and early in the morning and make your way to your hotel to drop off your luggage before a full day of exploration in this sprawling metropolis. Tokyo’s full of interesting precincts, but if your priority is to take in the iconic Tokyo Tower at various times of the day, then stay at the newly-opened Tokyo Toranomon EDITION, which is conveniently located near three subway stations.

As the Tokyoites start their day, head to Shibuya, which is famed for what must be the world’s most famous and busiest intersection: the Shibuya Crossing. Watch as the crowds scramble whenever the lights turn in their favour. During busy times, up to 3,000 people cross at a time! Then head over to the famous Hachiko Statue, which honours the most loyal dog in Japan.

A short walk away is Miyashita Park, where there is something for everyone – high-end shopping for the fashionistas, volleyball courts for those who love sports, rooftop green spaces for chilling out, and of course, tons of dining options for the foodies. This space comes alive at night thanks to Shibuya Yokocho – a cluster of izakayas offering cuisine from all over Japan.

For even more options, take a train to Ginza, which is another of Tokyo’s famous neighbourhoods. Looking for something quirky and interesting? Give Art Aquarium Ginza a shot. 

The idea behind this space is “a museum where life resides”, and true to its concept you’ll find thousands of rare and common goldfish swimming in glass vessels of all shapes and sizes, which are illuminated with moving projections and multi-coloured lights.

If you’re into desserts, grab a pre-lunch sweet treat. Parfaits are ubiquitous here, so you’ll be spoilt for choice! Then make your way to Hanayama Udon for lunch. As its name suggests, its signature offering here is udon – but it’s not your typical udon. 

Instead, its specialty is extra-wide noodles, which are served in a variety of methods. If you’re unsure what to go with, try the zaru dipping style with soy sauce and sesame dips, for a satisfying lunch!

Take things slow post-lunch, and head back to your hotel for a rest. If you’ve booked yourself a stay at the Kengo Kuma-designed Tokyo Toranomon EDITION, aim to score a room with a view of the Tokyo Tower.

This might not be Tokyo’s highest tower, but it is city’s most recognisable landmark. 

When the sun sets, head upstairs to the 31st floor of the hotel, and step into The Blue Room, which serves a myriad of international classics including local fish and grilled meats. The real treat here, apart from the delectable offers on the menu, is the view. Being this high in the sky affords all guests panoramic views of the city’s skyline including Tokyo Bay and the Tokyo Tower, which is stunning at night.

Take some time to savour the food, and don’t forget to delight in a glass of wine. Having trouble picking one from the extensive list consisting of wines from 16 countries across the world? Ask one of the servers, who will be happy to recommend you one that will suit your liking, whether that’s a local wine, one from an emerging producer, or a bottle from a world-renowned vineyard.

Enjoy the spectacular views from the restaurant and your room, before heading to bed for the night.


Day 2: Head to the outskirts for some fresh air, and take in some of the best experiences only found in Japan

As the sun rises, leave your cosy hotel room and head to the train station for a two-hour ride out of Tokyo. Alternatively, hire a private driver – the commute cuts the journey to 90 minutes. Whichever you choose, this morning ride takes you Mount Takao, which is a 599-metre tall mountain that offers eight hiking trails. Choose one that brings you to the summit, where views as far as the eye can see will greet you.

Take some time to breathe in the fresh mountain air and take in the views which differ greatly from those of the large Japanese cities, before you start your descent down.

Make your way back to Tokyo, and if you’re up to try new experiences that can’t be found anywhere outside of Japan, make a beeline for Ninja Cafe. Suit up in a Ninja outfit and learn the ancient ways of the Japanese Ninjas.

Things that you’ll get to learn here include the various ways of using a Katana (Japanese sword) as well as a Shruriken (throwing blade).

It’s a lot of physical activity on your second day in Japan, so if you’d like to take things slower and do something a little more touristy, a popular option would be to head to Asakusa, both for the centuries-old Sensoji Temple as well as the Nakamise Shopping Street where you’ll be glad to find all sorts of trinkets and souvenirs as well as delightful Japanese snacks like mochi and taiyaki!

If you’ll prefer to ingest something more substantial, make your way back to Shibuya Yokocho. Located on the ground floor of Miyashita Park, it is a group of 19 restaurants that serve up all manner of culinary delights from all over the country – this means you’ll have options for ramen, yakitori, gyoza, and more! Casual is the name of the game here, and you can be sure you’ll be dining among the locals, for an authentic dining experience.

Otherwise, head to Standing Sushi Bar for your chance to savour fresh sushi… all while standing!

Before calling it a day, head over to the nearby Shibuya Sky, which is located on the top floor of the Shibuya Scramble Square. 

For an Insta-worthy photo opportunity, head to the Sky Edge, a corner where you’ll be able to look down without any obstruction. Wherever you find yourself on this observation deck, you’ll be treated to a 360° view of the cityscape. Pro-tip: Visit at night so you’ll be treated to spectacular vistas of bright city lights in every direction, and stay as long as you wish before heading back to your hotel to retire for the night.



Interested to see what went on when KrisFlyer explored Japan with Cheesie? Watch the highlights here:




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