7 Things To Do When You Hit The High Seas With KrisFlyer

Have you booked yourself (and your family or friends) a getaway onboard KrisFlyer’s chartered cruise – World Dream – this November?

If so, don’t miss out on these 7 activities you can do while you’re on your long-awaited seacation. Pack your bags and show up for 2 nights of fun on your escape from the little red dot. Bon voyage!

1. Hype yourself up with special pre-boarding activities

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Kickstart your trip with a line-up of pre-boarding activities that have been planned exclusively for this cruise. This is your chance to take a photo or two, and interact with the Singapore Airlines’ Cabin Crew who will be ready to welcome you onboard. Participate in the mini games or quizzes and walk away with exclusive KrisFlyer prizes. And if you’re feeling peckish, keep your eyes peeled for the Singapore Airlines signature satay, which will be served during boarding on a first-come, first-served basis. Fun fact: this tasty snack on a skewer is served in First and Business Class, and is always a crowd pleaser. Don’t miss out on this one!


2. Find Singapore Airlines and KrisFlyer touches, and bring them home with you



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*Image is for illustration only, and designs of bears are subject to change

Singapore Airlines and KrisFlyer merchandise as well as other surprises await you on this cruise. Look forward to seeing what’s inside your goodie bag and find your favourite Singapore Airlines items onboard – including the teddy bears that are sure to be a hit with the younger ones in your family. If you’re sailing with them, be sure to take them to the Little Dreamers Club for some special surprises that will put a smile on their faces. Also, this cruise is your chance to take home a Singapore Airlines amenity kit, no matter which room category you’re booked in. 


3. Race your friends down waterslides

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That’s right, there’s a whole waterslide park on the ship, and it features six slides in total. There are easy-going chutes for those who prefer something a little less thrilling, and then there are the heart-racing steep inclines for the daredevils. If you’re the latter, why not race against your pals and see who reaches the bottom first?


4. Get your adrenaline pumping as you fly high over the sea

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Take a leap of faith as you launch off and soar through the air on World Dream’s zipline that’s located on deck 18. Yes, this means you’ll be flying over the glistening waters 18 decks below. Not up for this high-speed challenge? “Walk the plank” at the same height, or simply navigate the outdoor ropes course.


5. Sign up for exclusive onboard programmes and stand a chance to win KrisPay miles

If you’re the sort to prefer having back-to-back activities planned while you’re out at sea, then sign up (via Kris+) for programmes such as the KrisFlyer bingo where you’ll stand to win KrisPay miles, as well as the exclusive workshops where you’ll learn how to sculpt balloons, groom yourself (according to Singapore Airlines’ cabin crew standards), and fold batik roses –  these would be the perfect surprise for your other half. 

*Sign up for the grooming workshop from mid-October onwards via the Kris+ app. All reservations for other workshops will be available 48 hours before the cruise sails.


6. Delight in a Singapore Airlines First Class meal

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*Image is for illustration only, and designs of bears are subject to change

Want to reminisce your past travels in First Class, or have the chance to experience a Singapore Airlines First Class meal? If you’ve booked yourself into one of the Palace Suites, you’ll have the opportunity to do so. Savour three-Michelin-star chef Georges Blanc’s carefully curated menu, which comes with canapes, caviar, appetiser, your choice of mains, and dessert – think fresh fruits and a cheese plate too! And of course, wines are definitely included in this feast – perfect if you’re celebrating an occasion!


7. Take in stunning sunsets out at sea

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Sunsets out at sea are always more spectacular because of the wide, panoramic vistas that are, literally, all around. While you’re onboard the World Dream, you’ll have the chance to enjoy unblocked 360-degree views of the South China Sea, with the sun dipping below the horizon in the far distance – something you’ll never be able to find while you’re on dry land. Get comfy on your balcony, stake out a spot on the sun deck, or if you’re a Palace guest, take a soak in one of the outdoor jacuzzis during golden hour, for an evening of epic memories.



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