Things To Look Forward To At KrisFlyer’s K-Pop Concert

Booked yourself a trip to Seoul for KrisFlyer’s inaugural K-Pop concert this March? You’re in for a huge treat – read on for some of the highlights of this concert, and more! 

P.S. If you’re into all things K-culture but haven’t gotten your tickets to this concert, fret not; limited seats and Meet and Greet passes are still available. Quickly redeem your KrisFlyer miles for this exciting experience, then pack your bags (and the lightsticks of your favourite K-Pop groups who are performing), and get ready to jetset for a trip that’s filled with K-Pop and all things Hallyu!


1. Sing and dance along as 9 K-Pop groups and soloists take the stage

There’s nothing quite like the experience of watching a concert, together with fellow fans who know all the lyrics (and fanchants) of all the songs on the set list, so if you’re a fan of NCT Dream, MINHO, iKON, VIVIZ, AB6IX, Kwon Eunbi, Everglow, DRIPPIN, and Limelight, this is your opportunity to watch them perform live!

Credits: nkorbecka

SM Entertainment acts like NCT Dream and MINHO of SHINee are the headliners of this concert, so be prepared to be amazed by the vocal, rap, and dance-focused stages that they’ll be putting together. 

Otherwise, fans of South Korean survival audition programmes will be glad to see familiar names on the line up – select members of AB6IX, Everglow, DRIPPIN, Limelight, and Kwon Eunbi herself have all made their name through these shows, and have put out catchy and memorable songs, with iconic dance choreographies, one after another, in recent years!

Need a reason to prioritise this KrisFlyer Experience over other K-Pop musical festivals this year? This concert is kept cosy and intimate specially for KrisFlyer members. K-Pop festival veterans will know that concerts are usually huge, and many concert goers ultimately get stuck at the back, with hardly a view of anything going on; this small-scale production means that every concert goer will enjoy a good view of everything that’s happening on stage! 


2. Get up close and personal with iKON and VIVIZ

Credits: pinehun

If you’ve always wanted to meet your favourite K-Pop stars in person, this is your chance to do so. Redeem passes under the Premium Reserve category, and you’ll be part of the select few who are invited to the intimate Meet and Greet session with iKON and VIVIZ. For those not in the know, the former is a well-known boy group that put out hits such as Rhythm Ta in 2015, as well as Love Scenario in 2018, and the latter may be a new group that just debuted last year, but they are a trio that used to form half of popular girl group GFriend. Of course, this Meet and Greet session lets you walk away with not just autographed albums, but photos with both groups as well!


3. Bonus: Fly out (and back) on either the A350 or B787 in Singapore Airlines fleet

Credits: yikkh8i

Choose to fly in comfort on either the A350 or B787 for this vacation. To make things more seamless for concert goers, over 300 seats have been set aside for redemption to and from Incheon International Airport, which is the gateway to Seoul on, SQ606 (departing Singapore between 28 February to 6 March), and both SQ601 and SQ607 (departing Incheon between 8 March and 14 March). Sit back, relax, and enjoy the flights that last slightly over 6 hours!


4. Bonus: Sign up for a range of activities to enjoy in South Korea

If you’d like to take things a notch higher, you can choose to throw in even more experiences while you’re in Seoul. For a day of fun and thrills, head to Lotte World, which is a joy to visit no matter what the weather is like on any given day.

Credits: isabel_rang

If it’s sunny and you’d prefer to be out, visit Magic Island, an outdoor lakeside park with attractions, shops, and more, and if it’s cold outside, then spend your time in Lotte World Adventure, an atmospheric indoor park with four floors worth of attractions.

Those who would rather do something intrinsically linked to the concert may want to sign up for the Sing Like a Star Experience. Show up at a vocal training studio in the heart of Seoul for a session with Catherine, a K-Pop vocal coach who will teach you voice training exercises, as well as professional tips and techniques, and you might be able to put these newfound skills to use the next time you head out for a karaoke session with your chingus!



Are you all about living a life that’s miles better? With KrisFlyer Experiences, you’ll have access to a wide variety of exclusive experiences ranging from bespoke dining sessions and curated workshops, to behind-the-scenes tours at Singapore’s hottest attractions, as well as concerts that you’ll definitely want to catch! Keep checking back for exciting new releases, and redeem them with your KrisFlyer miles. 

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